Use It: Amazing Features Of Absolute RC Plane Sim Application For Phones You Should Try | 2021.

When you place the order you should auto receive the email for your license. Then download the software from the link in the product description and install it on your computer and put the license from the email. If you still need physical in the mail let me know I send you the USB drive. I like the training sessions, the input adjustability, and the ability to easily connect and fly with friends online. and learn the required pitch inputs to perform the manoeuvre in reality with confidence.

The entire concept of this helicopter simulator game is based on a place named Hawaii. It is not limited to this only; the pilot will be capable of controlling 42 varieties of the aircraft to land on several different locations on Hawaii Island. There are about 15 virtual runways to land those flights. By playing this game, to will learn the pros and cons of landing on different types of runways. The Army helicopter simulator 3d Games is the result of an absolute piece of hard work and dedication by the creator of the game.

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Fourth on the list of RC flight sims is the Goolsky 16-in-1. It’s an affordable USB simulator for RC helicopters, planes, and first person view racing quads. Mindboggling realism is exhilarating beyond belief and the simulators’ main attraction.

  • Having flown electric radio controlled planes myself, the control mechanisms available (there’s a choice) and the viewpoints are absolutely spot on.
  • Then download the software from the link in the product description and install it on your computer and put the license from the email.
  • The graphics and performance level of the product are impressive.
  • It’s the one to consider if you have the money as nothing else comes close to it.
  • This is the same program as the one above but without the interlink-X Controller.
  • However, this product is different as it allows you to configure your settings.

PicaSim is a flight simulator for radio controlled aircraft. You can use it to learn how to fly, to practise aerobatics, or just to have fun flying around on a rainy day. The program includes wide range of RC models, from starter models to expensive aerobatic and scale models. This is the only RC simulator that includes RC boats and RC cars, in addition to excellent simulation of RC helicopters, RC planes and RC drones.

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The free version comes with a bunch of aircraft models, and you also get the ability to create your own terrain click through to the following page to fly over. The paid version basically exists as a way to support the developer, as there are no ads and no in-app purchases in PicaSim. Unfortunately, 18 of the 35 models are only available through in-app purchases. This could be a turnoff for many potential customers, seeing that the developer doesn’t offer a free version of its app. We have already included Construction Simulator 2014 in a previous pick, but the game is so good that it definitely needs to be included in this list as well.

In addition to the free content, the app provides more than 40 extra models as in app purchases. You can choose between different airplanes and helicopters, from a fun Chipmunk to an incredible Eurofighter, and of course all of them with extremely realistic features. It will give you an excellent flying experience while making sure that you fly accurately and maneuver with precision.