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Lambswool, foam, and mohair rollers can all be used with emulsion paint. As a general rule, you should use a roller with a greater amount of nap for rougher or more uneven surfaces. When you are done painting, make sure to squeeze out any excess paint back in to the can with the fill tube. Make sure to cut in around fixture openings to protect them from the roller getting too close too. So don’t be lazy and take a few extra minutes to do this before painting! You can loosely wrap a bag around the fixtures to protect them from paint drips.

This can be useful for making exact, precise measurements or aligning objects in an organized, structural pattern. At the bottom right, there is an icon that allows you to pick up a color from the costume, sometimes called the “eyedropper”. It will magnify the the area the mouse-pointer is near.

The Spread Of Cut And Paint

However, you may find yourself wanting to stencil a design that is just a bit too…ummm…whimsical…to transfer on its own. I will admit, I first tried to transfer this very loose flower design (with lots of non-connected elements) by hand. Although I was eventually able to get it up off the paper backing, getting each and every part of the design to lay back down nice and smooth proved impossible. As such, I resorted to cutting the design again, and Cut and Paint transferring it to my project with transfer paper. Whether you remove the stencil while the paint is wet or dry is really up to you.

  • Repeat steps 3-4 for the remaining three sides.
  • Put some painter’s tape or masking tape on a wall and spend some time practicing the cutting-in technique next to the line.
  • Lightly score the tape with a utility knife if the masking doesn’t peel off easily.
  • Rough cut wood isn’t as easy to paint as a smooth, flat surface, but it’s not an overwhelming task.
  • Cutting-in is careful work and seeing well helps.
  • Make sure to cut in around fixture openings to protect them from the roller getting too close too.
  • Give the ceiling a good wipe down with soapy water.

You’ll save at least two cups of paint if you scrape your roller before you wash it and that can be the difference between having enough paint to finish a wall or not. I never tape anymore unless ill be rolling a wall over stained skirtings, just be neat and careful and your speed will improve with practice. So you don’t need to throw those rollers and brushes out. Shake them dry and store them hanging or upside down.

Step #4: Cut In The Ceiling Line

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