How To: Secret Functions Backgammon Plus On Android To Make It Better (Updated).

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You can navigate backwards and forwards move-by-move with the green arrows, and game-by-game with the red arrows. If you use the buttons with the question marks on the green arrows, it will go from mistake-to-mistake. The side-by-side list with colored commentary allows you to quickly overview who made more mistakes in a game, and identify what mistakes and how bad they were. Remember you can set the limits of what is considered a mistake by GNU in the Analysis options in the Settings menu. It is very revealing when you see a very different evaluation of your checker play as opposed to your cube decisions. Another feature is that GNU only grades your checker play according to non-forced moves, contrary to Snowie which grades while including moves that were spent on the bar or that were forced.

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Once GNU has finished analyzing your games, you’ll want to see the report and then go over the bloopers. In the Analyze menu, select Match statistics, and a window will open. Feel free to resize it to show more information. It will show you the results of both players side by side, allowing you to quickly compare notes. A fairly large window will open, allowing you to play with as many settings as you could want.

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In this article we will focus on the mobile version . Since the two versions are identical, the screenshots will be from an iPhone/iPad device. Can you recommend anything for other platforms. Android is great, but I ditched it because of the interface. Now I am on windows phone 7, but the backgammon games on it are hilarious. Like ifaesfu, I discovered FIBS thanks to Odesys’ android app.

  • During the first few thousand training games, these networks learned a number of elementary strategies and tactics, such as hitting the opponent, playing safe, and building new points.
  • As before, if there is a way to use all moves showing on the dice by moving checkers within the home board or by bearing them off, the player must do so.
  • If a player has a checker on the bar and neither of the points is open, he loses his turn.
  • There will be certain games that don’t quite conform to this list, but for most people, we believe that it’s optimal.
  • These calls are not only annoying but potentially dangerous should you fall for one of the scams.