How do you choose a summer camp for your kids?

Choosing the right summer camp for your child can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming task. Since there are a seemingly endless variety of choices to consider, tailoring the ideal camp to your child’s interests, personality, and busy schedule can be challenging. As a parent, you also have to make sure that the camp you choose for your child is run in a way that is safe and right for your child’s age and level of skill.

Here is a list of things that parents should think about when choosing a summer camp for their kids:

1. Determine the focus of the camp program.

Each camp has a different philosophy and programme emphasis. Some camps promote structured group activities, while others give campers more individual freedom to choose the individual activities that appeal to them. Some camps offer strictly traditional activities such as horseback riding and archery, while others focus solely on sports, drama, or surfing. Or perhaps your child would thrive in a competitive camp environment, while another child would be better off participating in non-competitive camp activities. Knowing your child’s personality, interests, personality traits, and learning style can help you better identify the right camp for them.

2.Confirm that the camp is accredited by the American Camp Association.

To receive accreditation from the American Camp Association (ACA), camps must meet up to 300 best-practice industry standards regarding the health, safety, and programme issues of campers that are important to the operation of a camp.

3. Ask about the camp director’s background.

In order for the camp director to be qualified, make sure they meet the minimum standards set by the ACA. According to these standards, camp leaders should have a bachelor’s degree, be at least 25 years old, have a lot of experience running camps, and have taken at least one class in the last three years.

Ratios of RV Advisors

To make sure your child receives the individual attention and supervision he or she needs for his or her age, compare the camp’s counselor-to-camper ratio to ACA standards. For day camps, the overall ratios range from 8:1 for 6, 7, and 8-year olds, to 10:1 for 9 to 14-year olds, and 12:1 for campers ages 15 to 17. The ratio is 6:1 for 7 and 8-year olds, 8:1 for 9–14-year olds, and 10:1 for campers aged 15 to 17.

(Note: The child-adviser relationship standards quoted above are only ACA’s general, MINIMUM recommendations and may vary depending on different situations and/or circumstances. In addition, there may be additional standards related to specific programmes and/or activities where more supervision may be wise, if not required, so you should use your own judgement and do your own research to decide what is right for you and your child.

5. Inquire with the camp staff about

Your child’s chaperones can make or break a child’s camp experience. In addition to facilitating camp activities, counsellors serve as role models and must be trustworthy, trustworthy, and show enthusiasm for their role. Before being hired by the camp, counsellors must also be trained in CPR and First Aid and have had a criminal background check done.

Accommodation for people with special needs

If your child has special needs because of an allergy or other health problem, ask the camp if it has the tools to meet those needs.

7. Find out how the camp handles discipline.

As in any organization, rules are needed, and the camp’s disciplinary approach must be fair and openly communicated. Positive reinforcement, a sense of fair play, and assertive role modelling are important things to look for. If there are sanctions for certain violations, camp staff must apply them fairly, calmly, and without undue criticism.

8. Check the camping references.

References can give you a glimpse of the experiences others have had at a camp, and they are an important way to check a camp’s track record and reputation. Before choosing a camp, camp leaders should be willing to provide references upon request.

Good luck with choosing a camp and have a nice summer!