How Does Sports Betting Work?

As the name implies, sports betting is something of a sport in and of itself. People do it for all manner of reasons: some do it solely for fame and glory, others enjoy watching the sport at hand, or it’s simply confirmation that the team you are rooting for is worth the bet.

But before we get into the details of sports betting, it is essential to determine whether the activity itself is legal where you live. For instance, if you are in Europe, most casinos like Balkan Bet aren’t incentivized to ban any type of sports betting. But if you are from the US, there are still some states that deem sports betting illegal. So be careful!

There are so many different bets you can place on sports. If you are a beginner, here is a quick guide to help you understand the betting game better and all its variations.

Head-to-Head Bets

These particular bets are based on sports where there are only two competitors. Think NASCAR, tennis or golf. Head-to-head betting is very popular for spots simply because it’s quite hard to pick just one person who will win. It is often purely based on favoritism and luck.

Total Line Bets

The second most popular bets are the total line bets. This is a type of betting where there is a combined score set for both teams. Essentially, you start betting on the actual score. But you are not betting on what the score is going to be. Oh no, you are betting if the final score will go over or under the set number. This type of sports betting tends to be the best game for beginners.

Money Line Bets

Money line bets are basically betting on major sports teams, such as hockey, basketball, or baseball. You are picking one team that you deem will win without having to deal with the point spread.

Parlay Bets

If you are a beginner, parlay bets are not something that you should test your luck on. The simplest way to put it is that parlay bets are grouping together your picks and creating one single bet. You can pick just two or up to whatever your casino's limit is. The whole point of it is to beat the odds on the payout. You only win if none of the sides you have picked have lost.

Straight Bets

For big sports fans, straight bets are the most popular choice. In fact, they are a weapon of choice among veteran betters, especially when it comes to sports like football or basketball.

But there is a catch! Once the betting line is set, you can go with the underdogs and the points or bet on the favorites. Of course, your pick will need to win the game by more than a set point. But if you placed your bet on the underdogs, they either have to win or lose by less than a point to make it rain. If there is a tie or stalemate, however, no one loses and no one wins.


Before you bet your whole life savings away, do your best to learn how each game works. Try multiple types of sports betting until you find the one that you think works best in your favor. And remember, keep your wits about you!