I am still on a high after seeing my favorite band perform in Los Angeles. My voice is still hoarse because I sang along with them at the top of my lungs. I was banging my head and jumping on my feet. It has been a while since I had fun like this. Thank you, Camp Freddy, for letting me unleash my inner rocker. It felt really good to sing out loud with the rest of the crowd. It was insane and everyone was having a good time. I made sure to buy your merchandise which being sold just outside of the venue. I got a t-shirt, cap, and hoodie! I am a proud Happy Camper and I want everyone to know it! Long live and more songs to Camp Freddy! May you continue to rock our world.
– Jenkins Medina, 37


First of all, I would like to say that you guys are the best!!! It was a dream come true when all of my favorite musicians came together in one band! My room is full of Camp Freddy’s autographed posters. I make sure I save up enough money so that I can watch their performances live. I would not want to miss any of their shows for anything in the world! It is so fun to watch their performances. I love listening and singing along to their songs with the rest of the Happy Campers. Also, I love your merchandise! Aside from my posters, these are my prized possessions. I listen to all the band’s song covers all the time. How I wish they would make their own songs if their respective bands will allow but for now, I am satisfied to hear Camp Freddy songs on repeat in my playlist. More power to Camp Freddy and continue rockin’ the house!

-Lourd Fulton, 32