The hit band Camp Freddy is among the newest artists to join our advocacy inMusic for Relief. This is an organization that seeks to raise funds to be able to send assistance to survivors of natural and man-made disasters all over the world. Camp Freddy is set to perform in various fundraising concerts all over the country. Here is the band’s statement during the contract signing.

We, the members of Camp Freddy, are very happy to be a part of this initiative. We want to lend our talents to be able to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters who have been affected by disasters. They need a helping hand to be able to stand on their own feet again and we are here to lend our hands as they start a new journey in their lives.

As members of Music for Relief, we participate and perform in concerts and mobilizations voluntarily. We consider this as part of our advocacy. We do this wholeheartedly. We pay for our own transportation and accommodation because we believe that the money that should be spent on theseshould just go directly to the funds of the survivors. We bring our own food and we share with others in the group. Sometimes, we conduct fundraising activities to support these initiatives.
If we have extra cash from our own work and other projects, we pool it together to raise donations for our brothers and sisters who need it the most. This is how we do things. And we need more support. Are you willing to donate? Let us know. That will be of big help.Also, please spread the word about Music for relief so that more people can come out and support this advocacy. It will truly make a difference in other people’s lives.