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Clanton, the co-founder of the label 100% Electronica, came upon Software’s song “Island Sunrise” during a YouTube listening session a few years back, and was gobsmacked. Pure Music is a high resolution music server software that is based on the acclaimed Pure Vinyl playback engine and can dock with iTunes, which it uses as a database and playlist organizer. Something I find lovely about the Maschine MK3 is that because so much of the experience lives on the box itself, it feels welcoming and approachable. If you’re a beginner with DAWs, there can be an air of intensity and difficulty while staring at a program’s blank screen — where do you start? Sure, with the Maschine MK3 you have to know some basics, but it doesn’t require you be a pro to figure out how to make groovy-sounding loops and beats.

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Paint tomfoolery—that in years since, has become the palette for niche electronic music. Their sound, which changes slightly to fit the world they want to create in their music, is synth-driven new age that also pulled from the campy tropes of late-’80s pop.

  • There is no delivery charge and, if you’re downloading them on to your computer, the software is free.
  • They are generally cheaper than paperbacks, costing between £2 and £6.
  • Plans to bring the cost down even further are being considered.

There’s a form of listening and musical discovery that’s familiar to anyone who uses YouTube on a regular basis. Find a song you like, press play, free your hands from the wheel, and let the website’s algorithm lead you from video to video. It’s how George Clanton, and many others like him, discovered Software, a little known German electronic duo from the late 1980s.

It’s about connecting your brain with your hands without interruption, and since the MK3 comes stock with over 8GB of instruments and effects, there’s a lot of fodder at your fingertips. Also, that $599 price point might seem spendy, but it’s quite reasonable for the market. As I’ve previously mentioned, those line jacks are a big deal. Before the MK3, the Maschine hardware had no audio I/O, so you couldn’t just plug things like speakers or your headphones into the unit. Having these inputs available also means you can plug in instruments like a synth and record directly into the Maschine software.


This is a leg up not only in comparison to the previous MK2, but other products like Ableton’s Push controller, which simply can’t accomplish the same thing without an audio interface. The Lock button, also from Maschine Jam, is wildly entertaining for taking your loops off course. Pressing the Lock button takes a snapshot of your current project, allowing you to play around, add effects, or modulate any other parameter without worrying about losing your work. Once you’re done, just tap the Lock button again, and you’re back to your original project and settings. Like the smart strip, this is another function that begs for live performance. At home, I had a blast spontaneously creating breakdowns within Lock mode.