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This is the fan page of the best band there is – Camp Freddy. We are the happy campers who want to share with everyone out there everything there is to know about Camp Freddy because we know you just can’t get enough of this band. Formed in 2002 in Los Angeles, California, Camp Freddy is not your ordinary rock band.

Camp Freddy is considered by many as the ultimate dream band when their favorite musicians from different bands have all come together as one to create music that would rock our world.


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Blue Happy Camper

While still very much active in their respective bands, members of Camp Freddy come together from time to time to jam and perform before their thousands of fans. These events are much anticipated in the whole music industry. And if you are a true blue Happy Camper, you would not miss it for the world. We know you are busy that is why we are here to keep you updated about these events. Stay tuned to our fan page. You do not want to miss their next show for anything in the world!
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The Best Musicians

So what happens when each of the best musicians in the rock genre comes together in one band? Expect the best rock music of your lifetime! Yes, the rock demigods have answered our prayers to put together all our favorite rock musicians in one rock band. Although the rock demigods have yet to answer our prayers for Camp Freddy to come up with their own songs in an album. That is something we can all look forward to in the future. But for now, we are more than ecstatic to see them all playing together on one stage for powerful rock performance.

Latest News

Aside from the much-anticipated events of Camp Freddy’s performances, we also feature news and features about what each member of the band is up to. We know that Happy Campers would like to be updated about their favorite musicians so we have followed them around to be able to bring you the latest news about each one of them. See them performing with their respective bands, rehearsing in the studios, brainstorming about their next album, or just chillin’ with their family and friends inside their garage. We will continue to post interviews, chitchats, photos, videos, and songs so that you can have your Camp Freddy fix every day until their next performance. We will also fill you in with what is happening in the rock music industry so better stay tuned to our fan page.


The Best Experience Ever

We encourage all Happy Campers to send us your Camp Freddy stories and we will feature them on our Fan Corner. What do you love about Camp Freddy? What songs do you wish they would perform next? Where do you want them to perform next? We have also come up with a whole collection of Camp Freddy merchandise. Check out our store for our high-quality shirts, hoodies, sweaters, caps, mugs, pens, and other Camp Freddy products. Enjoy and keep rockin’ Happy Campers!
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